Software & Information Technology
Some of the top software and IT companies in the nation have recently relocated to Raleigh.

With companies like Red Hat, SAS, IBM, SaffronEpic Games and other software technology leaders located in or near Raleigh, its little wonder that the software development sector in our local market is booming.   

The gaming industry in the Raleigh area includes more than 40 companies in one of the largest concentrations of game developer assets in the country.  Epic Games, with offices throughout the U.S. as well as Europe and Asia, is a worldwide leader in the industry. Local area studios not only serve the recreational gaming marketplace, but also work with the military, the university community and the healthcare industry to produce interactive learning platforms for educational and training purposes. 

Defense technologies also represent a growth area for the software industry in Raleigh. Some of the largest military bases in the country – Ft. Bragg (Army), Seymour Johnson (Air Force), Camp LeJeune (Marines) and Cherry Point (Marines) are located just a short drive away. The defense technology community in eastern North Carolina works closely with developers in the Raleigh area to continually push the innovation envelope in the development of state-of-the-art systems and solutions for our nation’s defense.  

Analytics, a dynamic and rapidly innovating sector of software technology, represents a critical tool in leveraging the power of data. Our region benefits from the presence of companies like SAS, offering next-generation enterprise solutions for data mining and visualization, forecasting, statistical analysis, customer intelligence, fraud and security protection, and more. Nearby, Saffron develops enhanced business intelligence services for private equity, mergers and acquisitions departments, investment banks, accounting firms and other corporate interests, accelerating data-driven due diligence timeframes from weeks to minutes.  First Analytics, specializing in predictive modeling, is located at N.C. State’s Centennial Campus. Also on Centennial Campus in the Institute for Advanced Analytics, a university-wide, interdisciplinary collaboration offering the nation’s first master’s degree in analytics. The analytics sector in Raleigh, known for having some of the most forward-thinking developers in the world, is a global leader in the world of big data, helping businesses of all sizes make more intelligent decisions.  

Application development is driving the advancement of communication, business development and commerce on the Internet. Any web site that performs a function beyond static information qualifies as an application, and in Raleigh there is a talented community of creative developers and designers providing companies with apps ranging from mobile platforms to e-commerce sites, social networks, full-streaming video and integrated marketing campaigns.  The marketplace for custom web software that gives added value to commercial enterprises is exploding. Being in the heart of one of the nation’s most tech-savvy regions, Raleigh is “developer central,” benefiting area companies and the local economy by creating high quality consumer and B2B services.  

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a model of software deployment where hosted applications provide services to customers across the Internet.  In the Raleigh area, we are fortunate to have several of the world’s most technologically sophisticated software service providers. Cisco is the global leader in internet protocols. NetApp is a leading innovator in large-scale, cloud-based data services.  SAS leads the way in data management and analysis. In addition, the software engineering community in Raleigh, with world-class talent attracted by the area’s reputation for leadership in advanced technologies, fosters innovation serving nearly every industry, from healthcare to digital manufacturing simulation. Red Hat, located in downtown Raleigh, is the world's leading provider of Linux and open source solutions, providing high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage and middleware technologies.  These and other software innovators in the Raleigh market contribute to an extraordinary pool of talent and entrepreneurial energy that is fueling the excitement over the city’s future as a technological hub.

Raleigh has allowed us to differentiate on customer support – the people intensive aspect of the business. In Silicon Valley it’s rare for companies to focus on customer service because it’s too expensive. We’ve been able to make customer support a competitive advantage.”

– Jesse Lipson, Citrix/ShareFile

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