District C is one of five Impact Partner Grant recipients who will use the grant funding to support Project 84/50, an effort to recruit 84 new entrepreneurs, including 50 underrepresented Raleigh-based entrepreneurs. On February 19, 2019 staff from Raleigh ED&I and the City’s Communications Department attended the District C Pitch Event at HQ Raleigh. Students from Research Triangle High School and Cary Academy pitched to a local coffee shop how to best market their business and increase their customer base. The coffee shop is a non-profit that operates at different events in the Raleigh area and is staffed by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Students shared methods of how the business could use social media management tools to understand their audience and discussed the importance of understanding how to use google analytics for their web content. The business owners were appreciative of the insights provided by the students and plan to implement several of the strategies provided during the pitch event. Learn more about the latest problems students are currently solving through District C.