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State of North Carolina

The State collects personal and corporate income tax. A brief summary is provided below. For detailed information please visit the North Carolina Department of Revenue.


Personal Income Tax

Flat tax rate: 5.499% (2018) / 5.25% (2019)


Corporate Income Tax

Only C-corporations and entities that elect to be taxed as C-corporations are subject to the corporate income tax.

Tax rate: 3% (2018) / 2.5% (2019)


Sales and Use Tax


Combined Rate for Wake County: 7.25%

State of NC sales tax rate: 4.75%

Wake County sales tax rate: 2% 

Local Transit tax rate: 0.5%


City of Raleigh


There is no local income tax. 


The City of Raleigh receives revenues through ad valorem property taxes. The rate is a combination of city and county taxes. Tax rates are calculated against each $100 in value. 


Property Tax


Raleigh: $0.4382

Wake County: $0.7207

Combined Rate: $1.1589


In North Carolina, property taxes are locally-assessed and collected by counties. Taxes rates are based on 100% of a property’s assessed value and are applied per $100 of assessed value. Real property taxes can include a combination of county, municipal, fire and special district tax rates. Properties falling within the City of Raleigh’s corporate limits are taxed at a base rate that includes the county and municipal rate. Based on where the subject property falls, a special district rate (Hillsborough St Municipal District,  Raleigh Municipal District) may also apply. 

For a comprehensive list of local taxes visit – 


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