Best Floor-Standing Speakers: TOP PICKS!

Do you want high-quality sound and a more comprehensive volume limit when listening to your favorite tunes? Then you have come to the right place! We will present our list of the best floor-standing speakers to you. We will also provide you with other helpful information when looking for speakers and why you should consider getting floor-standing speakers instead. When purchasing a product, we want to aim for the best quality. So without further ado, here are our best picks for the best floor-standing speakers to help you decide what you should purchase.

Polk Audio T50 Check Price
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Dayton Audio T652 Check Price
Klipsch R-610F Check Price
NAXA Electronics NHS-2009 Check Price
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Our Top Pick: Polk Audio T50

Product Name: Polk Audio T50

Product Description: Get the high-resolution home theater experience by purchasing the Polk Audio T50. With 6.5" drivers and two bass radiators that will provide you with high-quality audio for any occasion. This product also comes with different sets to choose from based on your liking. Polk Audio is also compatible with the majority of home theater devices and other input devices. These speakers come at an affordable price without sacrificing durability or quality.

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  • Compatibility
  • Surround Sound
  • Price


Polk Audio is our top pick for this list because of its variety, versatility, affordability, and of course, quality. This is an excellent choice for those looking for consistent quality among the options that they offer, as their speakers are almost the same as each other. These specific models also come in sets that can either be used in a home theater, playing music or playing video games. You can even fill a whole room with one of their sets at an affordable price and get the entire cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. Overall, the best choice you can make is if you still have second thoughts on what type of speakers you should get.


🟩 Dynamic balance technology

🟩 Total of 11 speakers (set)

🟩 Compatible with most AV receivers


πŸŸ₯ Higher value price



Sony SSCS3

A tower-styled floor-standing speaker that also comes with a 5.12-inch subwoofer. Despite what the picture appears to be, the speakers are only sold individually. However, they are a very good choice for those looking for a casual speaker for either watching or listening to tunes. With their unique feature, the subwoofer, you can expect high-quality mid-ranged audio. This feature will indeed allow you to become immersed in the auditory experience.

With this 5.1.2 home theater setup, you can combine it with other speakers. You may have to create your own arrangement. SSCS3 is also durable, which should clear up any concerns you have about its longevity. Above all that, it also offers a four-driver speaker system that can provide full-frequency audio. If you don’t have much space in your house or if you have other speakers that you plan to use along with new ones, then you should consider getting the Sony SSCS3.

  • High-quality mid-ranged audio
  • Customized setup
  • Four-driver speaker system
  • Sold individually

Dayton Audio T652

You can rely on another tower-styled floor-standing speaker for that extra bass in your auditory experience. If you want to keep your audio modulated without overwhelming the whole room, then you should consider getting this speaker. T652 comes with a slim-profile tower cabinet style that is designed to prevent audio from being too extreme for the room. Like the previous speaker on this list, they also have woofers that bring their signature extra bass into your home.

The speaker’s Air Motion Transformer (AMT) allows for more dimensional and accurate sounds, which are suitable for home theaters. If you’re concerned about the compatibility with other devices, then look no further than this speaker. You can connect this speaker to most devices as long as they are rated from 4 to 8 ohms. They also come at a cheaper price that can be worth your money, thanks to their quality and compatibility.

  • Extra Bass Control
  • AIR MOTION Transformer
  • Compatible to most devices
  • Can’t adjust too loud

Klipsch R-610F

KLIPSCH floor-standing speakers

A tall floor standing speaker with built-in elevation can be mounted on walls for more space-saving. These speakers come in pairs once you make your purchase, which makes them affordable in most cases. In terms of quality, you can expect clear audio thanks to their tweeter, which lessens audio distortion for better performances. Their tweeters are classified as Linear Travel Suspensions (LTS) that are able to provide audio with clear detail, making them most optimal for general usage even outside of home theaters.

The speakers’ tractrix horn technology also prevents audio from being distorted or changed since you will generally place the speakers in your home. Unless designed like a recording studio, the walls of your house will often cause audio to gain unwanted effects because the sounds will start to bounce around through them. If you’re looking for clear, undistorted audio, you should consider getting these speakers. However, the only downside is that because of their size, and because they come in pairs, they can cause problems when it comes to transportation.

  • Can be wall-mounted
  • Sold in pair
  • Less audio distortion
  • Shipment difficulty

NAXA Electronics NHS-2009

NAX floor-standing speakers

If you are looking for a Bluetooth floor standing picture that comes with style, then you should take a look at this one. NHS-2009 comes with a water-light tower that follows the beat of whatever audio you are listening to. The speaker ridden with luminescent lights is an excellent choice for aesthetic purposes. But, it also comes with good-sounding audio, especially when connected through a 3.5mm cable.

However, as we previously mentioned, this speaker also has a Bluetooth setting which allows it to connect to most devices with the same feature wirelessly. That means you don’t have to worry much about the range between the speaker and your device. This speaker is excellent for parties where people usually have to rely on standard devices such as phones, tablets, or laptops. Since the speaker also has built-in lights, it can add to the overall interior appeal of your party, making it optimal if you are searching for speakers for hosting events.

  • Aesthetic lights
  • Connects easily
  • Party-wise
  • Water doesn’t move for some times

BIC America RTR-EV15

BIC floor-standing speakers

For its relatively lower price, the RTR-EV15 is an affordable choice when observing the features that it has to offer. It has a large woofer that sizes 15″ and also has a tweeter for its mid-range to emit a more detailed sound. This speaker’s features are for those looking forward to using it in places where loud sounds will be wanted. It can be for certain establishments or events that will need to reach a particular volume to reach its events, and this speaker can fulfill that role quite well.

However, this powerhouse of a speaker is quite heavy and could require two or more people to carry it. What you are essentially carrying at that point is a complete package because of its many features and durability.

  • Affordable
  • Produces loud sounds
  • Tweeter and woofer strange sounds
  • Heavy


Knowing what to look for in a speaker will help you pick the best choice to get your money’s worth. We will give you tips that can help you pick the best floor-standing speakers, even if they are outside of this list.

πŸ”Š Assess the size that you need

You have to check the amount of free space you are willing to give for your speaker. This can help you choose the correct speaker without wasting your money when it’s too late. After that, you’ll realize that the speaker you bought can’t fit in the space you planned to place it. Most floor-standing speakers don’t take up much space unless, of course, they come in sets. However, what you need to measure is the height in the surrounding area or scan for any hindrances that can be occupied. This is because several floor-standing speakers, especially if they are tower-styled, are going to be quite tall.

floor-standing speakers
Photo credits: Howstereo

It would help if you also considered the purpose of the speaker. If the speaker is going to be used for general purposes around the house, then you should go for the average size of floor-standing speakers. These floor-standing speakers are usually three to four feet tall. However, you may need a bigger size if you plan to use it for events or occasions that need to reach the audience from a certain distance in order to be heard. That being said, if you don’t really mind the size and have a lot of space, you should consider getting sets that specifically focus on sound quality.

πŸ”Š Choosing between two-way or three-way speakers

You have two options you can choose from when it comes to speakers in general. A speaker’s drivers would have to focus on three sound ranges, the lows, the mids, and the highs. For the sound to become as optimal as possible, drivers will have to specifically focus on one range in order not to be overwhelmed. This is one of the reasons why smartphones, which usually have one-way built-in speakers, tend to sound worse than actual speakers, especially if they are two-way or three-way speakers.

Applying the same logic to speakers, it is apparent that three-way speakers will perform better than two-way speakers. This is because they will have separate drivers for each range. However, the catch is that three-way speakers will, of course, be more expensive than two-way speakers as they will have better quality. Besides that, three-way speakers will have separate drivers, which can add up to the cost when compared to two-way speakers.

πŸ”Š What amplifier do you have or are planning to buy?

Amplifiers provide power to the floor-standing speakers, allowing them to operate as they intended to. However, not all speakers will work with any amplifier, as each can have different requirements when it comes to watts. That means your amplifier should be compatible with the speaker based on the range of watts it can provide. The good thing is that amplifiers can have a wide range when it comes to the watts they deliver, which can make things easier for you.

It can be the most optimal if you choose an amplifier that can supply different levels of watts. This is important so that they can be a semi-universal amplifier that can cover most speakers. These amplifiers will be indeed more expensive than the typical amplifier due to their design to supply a wide variety of speakers. It is recommended that you should be careful when it comes to matching these two. This is because they can cause breakage or damage if the speaker is provided with the wrong amount of watts.

πŸ”Š Considering other speaker options.

Bookshelf speakers

If you somehow found it troubling to comply with the three factors above, there are other alternative options you can resort to. Bookshelf speakers are often chosen over floor-standing speakers. This is especially when the owners won’t be able to provide the space or requirements when it comes to watts. Bookshelf speakers tend to be cheaper, more space-efficient, and consume less electricity than floor-standing speakers. As their name suggests, they can be placed on shelves or tables, which can help with saving space.

Bookshelf speakers disadvantage

However, as with every product out there, these types of speakers have their own downsides. Bookshelf speakers have a hard time competing with floor-standing speakers because they have smaller sizes. Since the number of drivers can affect how the audio’s quality will turn out to be, this puts bookshelf speakers at a disadvantage. This is because their smaller sizes limit them to fewer drivers.

Floor-standing speakers are still among the solid choice for a high-quality audio experience. They have their own advantages that allow them to compete very well with other types of speakers. However, it can still be highly dependent on the situation of the buyer or the other factors we mentioned above. In the following section, we will list some advantages of choosing floor-standing speakers.


floor-standing speakers

Floor-standing speakers are actually regarded as the go-to choice when it comes to speakers in general because of their versatility and quality. Their volume range can be used for multiple purposes that other speakers won’t be able to achieve usually.

If you were to use a floor-standing speaker over a bookshelf speaker to play music inside the house, the floor-standing speaker could be used at a relatively lower volume. This is to prevent the room from being overwhelmed. However, in a scenario where you need a speaker covering a vast distance for the audience to hear, a bookshelf speaker would perform quite poorly as opposed to the floor-standing speakers, which can have a broader range of volume.

πŸ”Š Depth of sound

When it comes to watching movies and playing video games, the floor-standing speakers can also earn the top place. This is because of their enhanced depth. You will be able to immerse yourself in the ambiance and auditory effects that the game or movie is currently presenting. Since the floor-standing speakers can also house many drivers and other systems, they can provide much more crisper, realistic, and accurate sounds than other speakers.

πŸ”Š Aesthetics

Another advantage is that they can come in various styles and sizes that can suit your liking. As you have seen in our list, even floor-standing speakers have aesthetic design choices that can fit various events or festivities. Though bipolar speakers and bookshelf speakers also have some variety in size, floor-standing speakers can range from space-friendly options to large and heavy versions. Besides their size and style, they can also be compatible with different devices as long as you have the proper cables. There are even ones that can connect to other devices through wireless means, such as Bluetooth.

πŸ”Š Frequency

So does that mean that you should choose floor-standing speakers over other types of speakers? Not necessarily, as all of them can actually be used and connected. Using different kinds of speakers to watch movies in order to have variety in their auditory experience as some speakers would be light-sounding. In contrast, the floor-standing speakers can offer that extra punch with bass or louder frequencies.

Each of them does have its own niches that it can perform exceptionally well in; you just have to pick one that best suits your situation. It’s just that floor-standing speakers can offer versatility and viability in most scenarios. And these make them the most optimal if it is your first time purchasing a speaker.


Positioning your floor speakers in a room is easy, as long as you know how to locate and determine the proper distance. But remember that every room is different and can produce a different response when placing a speaker. So without further ado, here’s how to make your speaker sound better with proper placement.

πŸ”Š Bass region

The main idea of proper positioning is the availability of the bass suck-out region. This is up to two feet distance from the back wall where your speakers are placed. There are two placements you need to consider. 

You can do a near-field placement. This is where your speaker is very close to the wall before the sucking out of bass happens. Another is the distant placement where the speaker is far enough to clear that bass sucked out. To check, play a song and move the speaker back and forth. This is to know where the speaker has bass drop out. But if you have a small floor speaker, it is advisable to put it close to the wall to get a lot of reinforcement and more bass.

πŸ”Š Toe position

The toe position of the speaker is also important. If your speaker is toe-in or facing left, it will produce warm and rich sounds. While if the speaker is toe-out or facing right, it will create more defined and more detailed sounds.

Aside from these, there is also what we call the rake angle. This is the vertical tilt of any speaker. The purpose of this angle is to get the tweeter to be pumping right at your ear level. And getting that tweeter locked in is crucial to getting a 3-dimensional soundstage. 


Choosing the right speaker for the right occasion and purpose is essential to making your money’s worth. Remember that these speakers are meant to be long-term investments. This is because of their prices which can be higher than average purchases. It is also vital that you consider what type of speaker you actually would want to prefer using. Whether it be for its portability, convenience of usage, or sound range: GO FOR IT! Being able to pinpoint what you need in a product will lead you to a more educated guess during purchase. So take time to observe the speakers listed in our list. Choose one that will be best for your situation and have an excellent listening experience!Β 

If you already have a speaker but there’s sudden static from it, you can refer to this link to know how to solve this issue.

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