Best Kicker Speakers for Bass for More Depth

Are you looking to give your sound system a much-needed boost? Look no further than Kicker speakers! ‘Kicker’ is a renowned car speaker brand that offers in-depth and bass-rich sounds. However, the question is this: what are the best kicker speakers for bass?

I’ve perused several Kicker speakers to pinpoint the four best picks for bass. See which one gives you the most depth and rumbling experience!

 Our Top Pick! 
Kicker 43DSC69304 (D-Series) Speakers
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Kicker CSC65 (CS Series) Speakers Check Price
Kicker 43DSC4604 (3D) Compact Speakers Check Price
Kicker 46CSS654 (CS-Series) Speakers Check Price

Kicker Speakers – Are They Any Good?

Kicker speakers are some of the best on the market, thanks to their premium build, sounds, and bass. Not to mention, they have numerous features that meet anyone’s needs. If you’re still unconvinced, here are benefits unique to the Kicker brand:

  • Quality sounds. Kicker speakers have intense bass that provides just enough treble without being overpowering. They give enough depth to your favorite tunes without completely changing the vibe!
  • Flexible. The highs from any audio track are crisp and clear with Kicker speakers. And they manage to do this without sounding too scratchy like other brands. For this reason, Kicker speakers are ideal for any music genre. 
  • It addresses mid-range frequencies. Unlike bass-focused speakers that focus on highs and lows, Kicker speakers don’t neglect mids! That’s why you’ll hear mid-range frequencies clear as day with this brand. 
  • Variety. There are many types of Kicker speakers to choose from, so you don’t need to settle for anything less. Either way, it should be easy to find something that fits with your unique lifestyle, needs, and system. 
  • Kicker speakers are easy to install. Even if you’re not the best with gadgets, Kicker makes it look like you’re a pro at installation. Yes, it’s that easy! It has pre-loaded speaker wires that make assembly a breeze. 

If you’re struggling to find the best Kicker speakers for bass for your system, the products below guarantee quality results.

Best Kicker Speakers for Bass – Our Top 4!


OUR TOP PICK: Kicker 43DSC69304 (D-Series) Speakers

Product Name: Kicker 43DSC69304 (D-Series) Speakers

Product Description: The Kicker (D-Series) Speakers reigns on top of the best Kicker speakers for bass. It's one of the best performing speakers from the brand, producing crisp sounds and deep bass. These create an ear-splitting and rumbling output of 5db at a time. And this is very impressive for the speaker's low price point! You'll be able to hear all the nuances from different frequencies over the speakers. And this is all thanks to its high sensitivity. This model does its best. From low-frequency kick drums to mid-range vocals, speakers have never been this detailed! Aside from its optimal performance, its design shouldn't be taken lightly either. After all, these speakers ensure durability and convenience in each unit. However, since its units are mainly steel, it can be pretty heavy. Anyway, this shouldn't be a huge dealbreaker. Overall, the Kicker 43DSC69304 (D-Series) Speakers do it best for bass performance!

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Bass output
  • Sensitivity
  • Build quality


Aside from excellent performance and design, these are easy to install as well! It’s so simple that even those without experience only need a few minutes to install the speakers. After all, Kicker has given everything you need for hassle-free installation.

Overall, the D-Series Kicker Speakers are your best pick for optimal performance and bass extension.


  • It produces clear, crisp sounds. 
  • The speakers have high sensitivity. 
  • It does well in all sound frequencies. 
  • Durable construction. 
  • Affordable. 



  • It’s very heavy.


Kicker CSC65 (CS Series) Speakers
Kicker CSC65 (CS Series) Speakers

You don’t need to spend too much to have the best bass and treble. And the Kicker CSC65 (CS Series) Speakers offer premium bass extension without breaking the bank.

It uses the newest trends in digital technology, producing more precise sounds. However, this model stands out because of its new ‘Pulse Conditioning’ feature. It’s a unique design that enables speakers to produce high-quality audio as AM/FM.

On that note, this model would do great for those looking to improve their car audio systems. And if not, you can always experiment to see where they fit best as they’re pretty portable. You can easily set, carry, and store the speakers.

Aside from that, the CS series from Kicker speakers utilizes a premium subwoofer. And with a low distortion percentage of 0.15%, it’s easy to see why this model is among the best Kicker speakers for bass. It guarantees quality bass extension at nearly any frequency!

Not to mention that its subwoofer comes with a massive mounting depth. That means you can also fit it on any vehicle or system alongside the speakers.

What’s surprising is that, unlike other brands, this model also caters to mid-range frequencies despite focusing on bass performance. And it does this very well, producing balanced mid-range frequencies without too much bass or treble.

  • Very affordable.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Compact design.
  • The speakers use Pulse Conditioning for balanced outputs.
  • It does well in mid-range.
  • It’s not compatible with many systems.
  • The speakers themselves are not that durable.

Kicker 43DSC4604 (3D) Compact Speakers
Kicker 43DSC4604 (3D) Compact Speakers

If space or room is an issue, go for the Kicker 43DSC4604 (3D) Compact Speakers. These produce quality sounds and bass in one package. Notably, they aim to provide quality sounds without occupying too much space.

Despite its small package, don’t underestimate these speakers as they have as many features as you’d find in regular units. It has two front-firing speakers, six side speakers, and five subwoofers! So, you don’t need to doubt this model’s performance.

Either way, these speakers optimize sound reproduction alongside bass extension. As a result, they can handle both low- to high-frequency ranges without issues.

These speakers have well-balanced low-frequency and extended deep bass responses from their entry point to the sound stage. And they manage to achieve all these while maintaining a smooth and energetic feel.

However, what I really like about this Kicker speaker is its uniform 7-inch coil. With this, you receive tight and precise tones while maintaining a smooth timbre.

Overall, the Kicker (3D) Compact Speakers has everything you need minus the size! You’ll never have to settle with less with this on hand.

  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Easy installation.
  • It produces quality sounds and bass extension.
  • Its 7-inch voice coil maintains a smooth timbre.
  • Affordable.
  • It isn’t the most powerful.
  • It’s a little flimsy compared to other Kicker speakers on this list.

Kicker 46CSS654 (CS-Series) Speakers

Are you looking to go all out on your system to get the best sounds possible? Invest in the Kicker 46CSS654 (CS-Series) Speakers for quality bass extensions.

It produces quality sounds without using much power, perfect for any system. Operating a motor and magnet structure, this guarantees ultra-clean bass every time! Aside from this, the speaker’s Polypropylene cones and UV-treated surrounds secure, precise acoustic control.

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the nuances behind any track, including vocals.

Moreover, its coaxial and three-way design makes it flexible for any sound system. With this, the Kicker 46CSS654 (CS-Series) Speakers can become the perfect upgrade. After all, it can virtually fit any vehicle available on the market today.

Finally, installment and storage should be convenient enough as these speakers only stretch up to 6.5 inches. Not to mention, each unit is only 5 pounds at most.

  • It has a complete set.
  • Easy installation
  • The speakers can fit any system.
  • It boasts excellent performance.
  • Lightweight, compact, and durable design.
  • It’s very expensive.

How to Choose the Best Kicker Speakers for Bass

If you’ve decided to switch to Kicker speakers, here are some things to take into account to find the best one for you:

🔊 Sensitivity

Sensitivity is the measurement indicating how much power speakers need to produce sounds. Different speakers have various sensitivity ratings, ranging from low to high. So if your sound system consumes a lot of power, choose Kicker speakers with high sensitivity. 

Meanwhile, settle for low-sensitivity speakers if your system only needs minimal power. 

🔊 Speaker Size

Speaker size gives you a rough idea of its bass capabilities. Although it depends on the model, the larger the speakers are, the more bass it can produce. That’s because bigger models can fit more enclosures—boosting bass power. 

Moreover, magnets in larger speakers are bigger, allowing for more power usage. And this, in turn, translates more bass and volume.

Alternatively, you can seal speakers and subwoofers to make them more bass-rich. 

🔊 Power Handling

Speakers have continuous and other power ratings that contribute to their functionality. And to get the best possible results, you must match the power source level to the upper level. On that note, speakers with a low power range can use some from aftermarket stereo systems. 

 🔊 Frequency Response

This factor tells you how low and high speakers can go regarding sounds. And for bass, you’ll need speakers with a high-frequency range. Ideally, it should be around 20 Hz to 40 Hz. On the other hand, speakers with a frequency range from 1 kHz to 16 kHz are great for mids and trebles. 

 🔊 RMS

Root Mean Squared or RMS indicates the average power speakers can handle every day. And this ranges from as little as an hour to a couple of days. Either way, knowing the RMS of a Kicker speaker lets you know if the amp in your system is enough—or not.

🔊 Construction

Like other speakers, construction is a crucial factor for Kicker speakers. After all, this tells you how long they can perform without encountering problems. And this is especially crucial if you’re looking to install the speakers in a car that can get hot fast. No good can come from a hot environment and a speaker. 

That’s why I suggest checking the quality of the materials used in a speaker. This way, you’ll be able to get the best value for your money. Generally, models with rubber surroundings are more durable. 

🔊 Bass

The final factor for the best Kicker speakers for bass is its bass capabilities. It should provide ample decibels, increasing the sensitivity of your speakers. And it should be able to do this without damaging your drivers. 

Tips to Get More Bass on Kicker Speakers

Here are a few of my proven tips and tricks to get the most bass out of your Kicker speakers:

✅ Flatten the Signal

Bring your subwoofer amplifier’s gain to the lowest position possible. After, switch the low-pass filter and set it at the highest level it can. Simultaneously, remove it if it has a bass boost by turning it off. Doing this gives you more flexibility in adjusting the bass per track. 

On that note, adjust your receivers’ bass tone control to the flat, zero, or middle setting. But if your speakers have subwoofer level controls instead, set them to the same settings. Moreover, if your receivers have crossovers or low-pass filters, turn them off. 

✅ Adjust the Low-pass Filter

Play some tunes through your receivers around one-quarter of its max volume. Doing this helps you detect distortion, allowing you to adjust them accordingly. Repeat the same process until you’ve found the perfect meeting point. Or until every high- and mid-frequency note disappear.

The low-pass filter removes the stray frequency notes you don’t want your speakers to play. Simultaneously, it also acts as a tone control, capturing the edges of sounds from vocals, drums, guitars, etc.

In short, adjust the speakers until you only hear the bass and low drums.

Tinker with Bass Boost (Optional)

If you’re looking to use a bass boost, turn your speakers to hear the nuances of bass drums better. From there, apply the necessary bass boost to give your favorite tunes an extra oomph

Be careful when tinkering with a bass boost, as it can distort your entire system. But if you do notice a distortion, reduce the amp’s gain until it disappears. Repeat this motion until you’ve adjuted your system to your liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does a Kicker speaker have decent bass?

A: Kicker speakers have deep bass and excellent treble, perfect for adding more depth to any system. Generally, the power and versatility of these devices are unbeatable for their prices. So, if you’re looking for a bass boost, go for Kicker. 

Q: Are Kicker speakers from Cs and Ks series different?

A: The Cs and Ks series from Kicker are different. The latter has built-in tweeters for more powerful results. On the other hand, the Cs series have mid-speakers with a separate tweeter. I recommend the Cs series because they have a better frequency response and more peak power. 

Q: Are Kicker speakers better than Infinity speakers for bass?

A: Generally, Kicker speakers are better for bass as they provide more depth and rumble. On that note, Infinity speakers primarily excel in high-frequency performances. Either way, each brand has its unique upsides and downsides for different users. So, really, it’s up to you!

Q: Where are Kicker speakers manufactured?

A: Original Kicker speakers are designed and constructed in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. And they are made by Stillwater Designs, producing quality speakers from 1973.

Q: What makes a Kicker speaker special?

A: No matter the series, Kicker speakers are made with high-quality materials while maintaining ergonomic designs. Also, they’re one of the few brands that focus on improving bass. Either way, kicker speakers are easy to set up, are durable, and powerful! For this reason, they’ve become a staple pick among audiophiles.

Final Words

Buying the best kicker speakers for bass is great for adding more depth and texture to your sound system. With the right model, you don’t need to buy another one for a while as they can handle high wattage levels. So, choose carefully, and you’ll be rewarded with a more bass-rich experience long-term.

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