Best Over Ear Headphones for Music Production (Buying Guide)

The best over-ear headphones for music production is a must-have when monitoring mixes or recordings in the studio. They’re essential tools that help you fine-tune your tracks like a pro. Choosing the right pair for your style, genre, and overall preference is crucial. 

I’ve tested over 50 studio headphones on the market to highlight the five best you must consider. See which pair can keep up with your music creativity!

 Our Top Pick! 
OneOdio Pro-10 Wired Over Ear Studio Headphones
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Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Over Ear Studio Headphones Check Price
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Over Ear Studio Headphones Check Price
Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Studio Headphones Check Price
AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Over Ear Studio Headphones Check Price

Why Should You Get Over Ear Headphones For Music Production?

In-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones are different, but each one thrives for one thing: relay quality audio. And in the case of music production, over-ear studio headphones are your best option. These have the advantage of sound isolation, making them better for studio use. 

Aside from that, over-ear headphones offer a more immersive listening experience. Plus, they can work well even in the loudest environments. But best of all, these save you a lot of money by giving you a pro setup without the need for a studio space. 

Just pair these with your laptop and software, and you should be able to produce and record anywhere—at any time. So, it’s easy to why most professionals use over-headphones for creating music. 

Check out the five best over-ear headphones for music production below. 

Best Over Ear Headphones for Music Production – Our Top 5!


OUR TOP PICK: OneOdio Wired Over Ear Studio Headphones

Product Name: OneOdio Wired Over Ear Studio Headphones

Product Description: My pick for the best over-ear headphones for music production is OneOdio's Pro-10. It offers clear, in-depth audio at an incredibly modest price. The headphones use 50-mm drivers with neodymium magnets, producing powerful bass and vocals. Sound performance aside, the Pro-10 also has excellent design. It uses soft material, providing ultimate comfort and sound isolation. Moreover, it has an adjustable headpiece that ensures the right fit every time! Additionally, these headphones come with a 9.8 ft cord, making them more convenient. Best of all, you can get this product for a modest price. And considering its audio quality and dynamic bass, you're getting more than what you paid for! I heavily recommend this pair if you're starting from scratch. Or are looking for a much-needed upgrade.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Sound quality
  • Noise isolation
  • Connectivity
  • Value for money


The OneOdio’s Pro-10 is an excellent pick for those looking to produce music like a pro for a modest budget. It provides excellent noise isolation, preventing sounds from leaking out—and maintaining top-notch audio quality.

Over time, you might notice a huge difference as these headphones wear out fast. But you can prevent this by using them with caution. Regardless, this shouldn’t be a huge dealbreaker, especially for its price.


  • Superb dynamic bass sounds. 
  • Comfortable design. 
  • Extremely affordable. 
  • Adjustable design.
  • Great audio quality. 


  • They wear out quickly with continual use. 
  • The headphones don’t highlight high frequencies well.


Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Over Ear Studio Headphones
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Over Ear Studio Headphones  - best over ear headphones for music production

Among the most popular mid-range headphones for music production is Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50X. These over-ear headphones boast a professional design—perfectly accompanying their sound quality.

They’re designed for sound monitoring and producing, delivering impeccable detail from each note. Plus, they come with 45 mm aperture drivers and copper-clad aluminum voice coils. So, it’s easy to see why the ATH-M50X delivers impeccable clarity.

Not to mention, it stays consistent no matter how broad the frequency range is. You can see why it’s a popular go-to among amateurs and pros alike.

Sound performance aside, these headphones are also some of the most comfortable available. The ATH-M50X has adjustable earcups with quality fabric—blocking off most ambient sounds. Plus, it boasts a light plastic build complete with comfortable padding.

In short, the headphones will sound impressive and be comfortable long-term!

Overall, Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50X is an excellent pick for those looking for premium quality for a modest price. No wonder established and new music producers turn to it! It has a compelling quality and is comfortable.

But these headphones aren’t the best for casual listeners. As mentioned earlier, they mainly cater to audio monitoring and production.

  • Superb tone clarity.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Broad frequency response and range.
  • Excellent bass tone response.
  • Available in 4 colors.
  • It’s not recommended for casual use.
  • A little pricy.

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Over Ear Studio Headphones
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Over Ear Studio Headphones

Are you searching for the best over-ear headphones for music production made for pros? Look no further than Beyerdynamic’s DT 1990 Over-Ear Studio Headphones. These are one of the most professional units on this list, designed to last a lifetime!

Most describe the headphones as an accurate representation of high-quality, premium audio. Considering the DT 1990 packed years of expertise in one unit, this isn’t surprising! And the latest use of the Tesla driver technology makes the DT 1990 even better.

All of these lead to consistent high-resolution and balanced sounds. Indeed, the DT 1990 sets the bar to a different level!

Audio quality aside, the DT 1990’s construction is impressive as well. The headphones only use the finest materials and are constructed under meticulous craftsmanship. With its innovative open-back technology, expect full and dynamic organic audio every time.

Overall, Beyerdynamic’s DT 1990 is a solid pick for sound production. It’s a versatile choice for mixing or mastering sound engineering. However, the downside of this unit is that it’s costly.

Unless you’re taking music production seriously, I suggest choosing a different model. But if you don’t mind splurging and want a pair that can last you a lifetime, choose Beyerdynamic DT 1990. It lives up to its price, boasting premium quality and craft.

Truly, the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 is one of a kind!

  • Durable built, made to last a lifetime.
  • Broad frequency response.
  • It uses advanced Tesla driver technology.
  • The headphones produce high resolution and balanced sounds.
  • It comes with a naturally clear sound stage.
  • Very expensive.
  • Only available in one color.

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Studio Headphones
Skullcandy Crusher Evo

If you’re looking for an all-around pair that can keep up with your casual and professional needs, choose Skullcandy’s Crusher Evo. It uses sensory crusher base technology, producing an insane bass response!

Bass response aside, the Crusher Evo is fully customizable for your convenience. The headphones come with a personalized sound panel and tile finding technology! Here, you can adjust the audio output for better and more accurate results.

Aside from that, when I say all-around headphones, the Crusher Evo doesn’t disappoint. After all, it caters to both wireless and wired connectivity. So, Skullcandy has your back, whether you’re looking to work on your newest mixtape or want to jam out to some tunes!

Also, the headphones last up to 41 hours per single charge. And when you pair this with the unit’s collapsible design, you get a convenient device that will be able to keep up with your demands!
Overall, Skullcandy’s Crusher Evo is an excellent pick for those who want a balanced unit. It’s one of the best all-around units for all-around listening—and bass!

Blowing away the industry’s biggest names, you’ll have difficulty finding one con about it.

However, some reviews have complained about the headphone’s dysfunction after prolonged use. And this is entirely normal, especially if you use the device every day. You can easily prevent this by practicing with caution and giving the headphones a break now and then. So, this shouldn’t be a huge dealbreaker.

  • Incredible bass response and overall sound quality.
  • It can run up to 41 hours per charge.
  • The headphones have customizable sound output via Skullcandy App.
  • Wired and wireless connection available.
  • Available in 5 different colors.
  • Some reviews complained about the headphones sounding faulty after a year of usage.
  • Wireless connection isn’t suitable for music production.

AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Over Ear Studio Headphones
AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Over Ear Studio Headphones

The AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII is the best pick for those taking music production seriously.

Made for live and studio use, it features advanced closed-back technology. No wonder it has some of the best ultimate sound isolation on headphones. It eliminates background efficiently, focusing on the overall audio.

So, you can see why the AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII is among the best units for stage and studio performances! And yes, this applies to both home and professional studios.

Sound performance aside, these headphones incorporate a comfortable design. It comes with thick ear pads and a self-adjusting padded headband for the perfect fit! So regardless of how long you stay in the studio, comfort is in tow.

These headphones are designed to last with continual use and rigorous testing! After all, the brand aimed to make this unit a crucial part of everyone’s studio setup. Hence, you can enjoy the pair for a while.

But what makes these headphones stand out is their intuitive auto-mute technology. It lets the device automatically pause mid-song when you take them off, saving you from the hassle of going back after each note.

However, you’re better off with other brands if you’re looking for portable or collapsible headphones. The AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII is none of those two. After all, it features a closed-back design, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

  • Great sound quality for vocals and instruments.
  • It features auto mute technology.
  • Superb clarity.
  • Ideal music production.
  • Advanced closed-back design.
  • It isn’t the most portable unit.
  • The ear cups might face up when wearing the headphones around the neck.
  • Only available in one color.

Choosing the Best Over Ear Headphones for Music Production

When searching for the best over-ear headphones for music production, consider a few things before purchasing one. And these include the following:

🎧 Intended Use 

Your intended use for the headphones alongside experience ties everything together. So, you must carefully think about what you’re planning on using these devices for in the studio. 

For instance, if you specialize in EDM and make music on the go, open-back headphones don’t make sense. Instead, you’ll need a sturdy pair of closed-back over-ear headphones. Meanwhile, choose open-back if you’re working on a home studio and want to perfect your mixes. 

Ideally, it would be better to own both kinds of over-ear headphones. However, not only is it expensive, but it’s also impractical. So, decide what you’re using the headphones for, and go from there. 

🎧 Sound Quality

After deciding what you’re going to use the headphones for, check for sound quality. Although this might seem obvious, it’s not as simple as you think. After all, it doesn’t refer to sound quality alone. 

Different headphones emphasize various elements of the songs you’re playing. Plus, people have unique preferences regarding the sound quality of their headphones. 

Here are some of the different categories of sound quality:

  • V-shaped focuses on bass and treble, creating more dynamic sounds across all frequencies. And it simply makes things feel alive!
  • Bass-heavy emphasizes the lower range of sounds, producing deep and rumbling bass. It’s most famous for hip-hop, trap, or rap music. 
  • Flat audio quality refers to balanced and neutral sounds. Nothing comes through louder than the other. 

Generally, audio quality is a personal preference, so it all leads to your intended use at the end!

🎧 Frequency Response

Frequency refers to their effective range of producing mid, treble, and bass. Some headphones come with a frequency response beyond what we’re capable of hearing. But this doesn’t inherently make their sound quality better. Instead, focus on the unit’s frequency response curve. 

After all, since no headphones have a 100% flat response, the curve can tell you about a unit. It showcases where the headphones are on the spectrum, highlighting peaks or dips. 

🎧 Noise Isolation

If you’re looking to take your music production seriously, consider noise isolation carefully. It provides a more immersive experience by preventing the headphones from leaking sounds. Plus, it may block incoming audio or ambient noises outside. In short, it lets you hear all the nitty-gritty details of each track. 

Also, remember that noise isolation is different from active noise canceling. The latter isn’t the best for music production as ANC records the outside world. From there, the headphones invert the phase of the audio, blocking off most noises outside. And as a result, you may experience signal issues from your incoming audio. 

I suggest opting for headphones that block off sounds with a natural design. 

🎧 Drivers

Like speakers, headphones have drivers too. They’re responsible for producing audio. And the number and size of these drivers will determine how loud and full your headphones will sound. 

These drivers come in many variations, ranging from dynamic to planar. The most common you’ll encounter in mass-produced headphones is dynamic. On the other hand, most premium models use planar magnetic drivers. 

Generally, the larger these drivers are, the louder and more immersive they’ll sound. And yes, this applies to all kinds of headphone drivers. 

So, you can see why it’s crucial to check headphone drivers now. After all, it tells us how headphones translate into audio quality. 

🎧 Connection

Although most people prefer wireless headphones, they’re not the best for music production. After all, no matter how advanced Bluetooth gets, connection issues can still happen. Specifically, headphones may suffer from bandwidth problems from their audio codec. 

As a result, you get reduced audio quality. You won’t be able to hear the full quality sounds the headphones are capable of, even if it uses Bluetooth 5.0.

So, it’s best to choose headphones with at least the option of a wired connection. Ideally, the pair should have a 3.5 mm jack and a Bluetooth connection. This way, you can use the device for casual uses as well. Otherwise, avoid Bluetooth-only units unless you have no other choice.

🎧 Size

Headphone size can make a difference in comfort, fit, and convenience. Naturally, the larger a pair is, the heavier it will feel, which might get tiring. However, sizeable headphones tend to be more durable. 

On the other hand, smaller headphones are better for longer sessions. But they lack durability, which can be an issue if you’re thinking of using the unit every day. 

🎧 Comfort

Comfort is a crucial factor in the best over-ear headphones for music production. After all, making music takes a while. So it’s only natural to get a comfortable pair. Generally, skip headphones if they feel like a head vice after an hour or less. These can distract you and hinder your music production instead of helping you. 

Therefore, if it doesn’t feel comfortable past 30 minutes, go the next until you find the one. 

🎧 Budget

If you’re going to get your first pair of studio headphones for music production, keep it modest. After all, it doesn’t make sense to get headphones worth hundreds if you have no prior experience. Ideally, staying between the $100 and $200 mark is the best choice for beginners. 

On the other hand, if you have experience and are looking for an upgrade, don’t hesitate—and splurge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it necessary to get studio headphones for music production?

A: Studio headphones are essential in any composer’s arsenal. After all, these monitoring tools let you produce, record, mix, and master music. Although you can do the same things with other headphones, studio units are more accurate. So, if you take music production seriously, I suggest investing in studio headphones. 

Q: Can I use studio headphones for mixing?

A: Studio headphones help you create different mixes regardless of the genre. They let you see the best stereo placements of various sounds. As a result, these headphones let you hear particular details of the mix better. So, mixing via studio headphones is the best solution for those working in untreated studio spaces. 

Q: Can I use any headphones for music production?

A: Using regular headphones to fine-tune music is fine for tasks where accuracy isn’t vital. For instance, when recording tracks, standard units are acceptable. On the other hand, you need to use dedicated studio headphones for tests that require accuracy. 

Q: Is it reasonable to use wireless headphones for music production?

A: Bluetooth technology might offer more latency than regular wired headphones. As a result, you may lose audio quality and experience sound delays. And unstable connections might cause your Bluetooth headphones to turn on and off. Although all these have solutions, it’s not worth the hassle. 

Q: Can I use Air Pods for music production?

A: Air Pods are great alternatives for over-ear headphones if you’re always on the go. They have quality transparency, ANC, adaptative EQ, and a broader dynamic range—making them fantastic for music production. But this doesn’t free you from latency, which might hinder the process. 

Final Words

The best over-ear headphones for music production allow you to make tracks like a pro at home. After all, you don’t need an expensive setup to make good songs—and these happen to make it easier for you! So, whether you’re a new artist or want an upgrade, these headphones have your back.

I swear by the five headphones mentioned, ensuring quality audio and features fit for a pro. So, don’t hesitate and buy one today for unbeatable tunes tomorrow!

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