Best Tips and Tricks on Making Bluetooth Speakers Sound Better

Who doesn’t love a good sound from a Bluetooth speaker? Bluetooth speakers are a very convenient way to share your music with others. With the advancement of audio technology, they are only getting better. However, some other older versions have issues with sound quality.

One of the reasons for audio quality reduction is compression. It eliminated deep tones in the sound, so the music sounds flat. Also, older versions of Bluetooth have less frequency and use the usual Bluetooth Codec.

Fortunately, there are ways to make Bluetooth speakers sound better. Read on to find out how.

How do Bluetooth Speakers Work?

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As the name implies, Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit audio from a phone, tablet, computer, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It contains speakers, an amplifier, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The speaker on the Bluetooth speaker is a small driver, about 1-3 inches in diameter. The amplifier is usually Class D and very small, as it doesn’t need to power a large speaker. And finally, Bluetooth connectivity allows the speaker to communicate with other devices.

Typically, there’s an auxiliary input and power port on the back of the speaker for wired connections. There are also often indicator lights on the front of the speaker that shows when turned on and the Bluetooth connection.

There are two types of Bluetooth speakers: active and passive. Active speakers have their power source, usually in the form of batteries. Passive speakers need to be plugged into an outlet.

The Bluetooth works when the transmitter and the receiver are linked. The transmitter is the device that sends the audio signal, such as a phone. The receiver is the device that receives and plays the signal, such as the Bluetooth speaker.

Why Purchase A Bluetooth Speaker?

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Suppose you own a small stereo, not to mention the smartphones, tablets, and laptops that we’re always carrying around with us. In that case, you may be wondering why you should purchase a Bluetooth speaker. Isn’t the sound quality good enough already?

The short answer is no. The sound quality from most of these devices is good, but it’s not great. And, if you’re like most people, you probably want the best sound possible. Here are some of the reasons why purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is a good idea:

🎵Super portable

If you’re a music lover, you probably like to take your music with you wherever you go. Well, a Bluetooth speaker is the perfect way to do that. They’re small and lightweight, so they’re easy to take with you.

And, since they don’t need any cords, you don’t have to worry about finding a spot to plug them in. Just pop them in your bag, and you’re good to go.

🎵East to use

Bluetooth speakers are incredibly easy to use. You can easily connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and start streaming your music. All you need to do is turn them on, connect them to your device and start listening. There’s no need to fumble with cords or settings. The Bluetooth speaker and your device will automatically pair the next time you turn it on.

Moreover, most Bluetooth speakers have an auxiliary input, so you can also use them with non-Bluetooth devices.

🎵Great for parties

If you’re throwing a party, a Bluetooth speaker is a must-have. Not only are they portable, but they also provide excellent sound quality. So, you can play music from your phone, tablet, or computer without having to crowd around a small speaker.

And, if you have more than one Bluetooth speaker, you can easily create a surround sound effect.

🎵Space saver

A Bluetooth speaker is a great way to save some room if you’re tight on space. Unlike a traditional stereo system, a Bluetooth speaker doesn’t require extra components. You just need the speaker and your device.

🎵No more wirings or cables

One of the best things about Bluetooth speakers is that there are no cords or cables. It means that you can place them anywhere you want without worrying about tangled cords. Plus, it’s a lot easier to keep your living space clean and organized when there aren’t any cords lying around. You just need to charge the speaker or add batteries, and you’re good to go.

How to Make Bluetooth Speakers Sound Better

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Don’t worry if you’ve bought a new Bluetooth speaker but are not happy with its sound quality, don’t worry. There are a few things you can do to make it sound better.

🔉Use the right type of speaker.

Not all Bluetooth speakers are created equal. Some provide better sound quality than others. So, it’s essential to do your research and find the right type of speaker for your needs.

If you want the best sound quality, you’ll want to purchase an active Bluetooth speaker. These speakers have their power source, which means they can provide better sound quality than passive speakers.

Also, make sure to read the reviews before you purchase a Bluetooth speaker. The reviews will give you an idea of what type of sound quality to expect from the speaker.

🔉Reduce device activity.

If you’re using a device to stream music to your Bluetooth speaker, make sure to reduce the activity on the device. Close any unnecessary apps that access GPS or sync data on your device. It will help prevent any interference and give you better sound quality.

If you’re streaming music from an app, make sure that you’re not using any other apps that use the internet bandwidth. It will also lessen the quality of your music streaming.

🔉Follow the recommended range.

The recommended range for using a Bluetooth speaker is 15 to 30 feet. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s recommended range. The further your device is from the recommended range, the lower the sound quality.

So, if you’re having trouble with the sound quality of your Bluetooth speaker, try moving the device closer to the speaker. Or, if you’re using a laptop or computer to stream music, try placing the laptop closer to the speaker. The closer the device is to the speaker, the better the sound quality.

🔉Use local music files.

If you want to improve the sound quality of your Bluetooth speaker, try using local music files instead of streaming music from the internet. Bluetooth compresses the sound to wirelessly transmit it. Streaming music using the internet bandwidth will reduce the sound quality of your music by compressing the already compressed audio.

So, if you have a large collection of music files on your device, try playing them from your Bluetooth speaker. Music files won’t deteriorate the sound quality as much as streaming music. It will give you a better listening experience.

🔉Increase the volume.

If you’re not happy with the sound quality at a low volume, try increasing the volume. Some Bluetooth speakers have a higher max volume than others. So, if you’re not happy with the sound quality at a lower volume, try increasing the volume to see if it makes a difference.

If you’re still not happy with the sound quality, try purchasing a Bluetooth speaker that has a higher max volume.

🔉Get it inspected.

If you’ve tried all of the tips listed above and you’re still not happy with the sound quality of your Bluetooth speaker, it might be time to get it inspected. There could be a problem with the speaker causing the poor sound quality. Sometimes, some parts tend to wear down over time and can affect the speaker’s sound quality.

If you think this might be the case, take your Bluetooth speaker to an authorized dealer and have them inspect it. They might find the source of the problem and fix it.

Simple Hacks to Make Your Bluetooth Speaker Louder

Do you want to blast out your favorite music without dealing with wires? Bluetooth speakers are the way to go. Portable and convenient, these speakers let you enjoy your tunes anywhere.

However, not all Bluetooth speakers gave the same audio quality. Some provide great sound, while others can be a bit lacking. If you’re not happy with the volume of your Bluetooth speaker, here are some simple hacks to make it louder and better.

🔊Place it against the wall.

It is a hack that works exceptionally well with small Bluetooth speakers. If you place the speaker against the wall, the sound will reflect on the surface and increase the volume. It can be a great way to get more sound out of your speaker without having to crank up the volume all the way. In this way, you will enjoy the clear sounds that it produces.

Just be careful not to place it too close to the wall, or it could create distortion.

🔊Put your speaker on the floor.

Placing the Bluetooth speaker on the floor enables the vibrations from the music to travel through the ground and amplify the sound. It is an incredible hack if you want to boost the volume of your speaker without turning up the volume too high. Just be sure to place it on a flat surface to accurately project the sound.

🔊Consider the size of the room.

Playing a speaker in an open area and a close space has a significant difference in the sound of your Bluetooth speaker. If you’re in a small room, the sound will be louder than if you’re in a large room. Walls surrounding the room generate sound waves and will ultimately increase the volume of your speaker.

Moreover, keep in mind that large rooms absorb sound, while small rooms reflect it. So, if you’re looking for more sound, consider moving your Bluetooth speaker to a smaller space. You’ll be surprised at the difference in volume.

🔊Place it near a corner.

Another way to maximize the sound of your Bluetooth speaker is to place it near a corner. It will create an “acoustic shadow” and reflect the sound waves off the walls and increase the volume. The corners of the room around your device may serve as amplifiers and make the sound louder.

Remember to keep the speaker away from any objects that might obstruct the sound, like furniture.

Purchase the Best Bluetooth Speaker

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Of course, to prevent any volume issues in the first place, you can always purchase a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. These speakers will never disappoint you with superior sound quality and a louder max volume.

Here are some of the factors you may want to consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker:

Audio quality: Of course, it’s nice to have a Bluetooth speaker that sounds great. Look for a speaker that has good bass and clear sound. Frequently, the manufacturer provides specifications for complete harmonic distortion, signal-to-noise ratio, and stereo separation. It will help you decide on whether the speaker is worth purchasing.

Furthermore, the frequency response is critical. Some speakers have a narrow frequency response, not producing sound accurately. You’ll want a Bluetooth speaker with a frequency response of at least 20 Hz or below.

Audio power: Audio power is the amount of energy that the speaker puts out. It is measured in watts peak and is essential to consider when looking for a Bluetooth speaker. The higher the watt peak, the louder and clearer the sound.

Max volume: One of the most critical factors to look for when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is the max volume. Some speakers have a lower max volume, which can be disappointing if you’re looking to blast your music. Check the specifications to see how loud the speaker can get.

Bluetooth version: It’s also important to check the Bluetooth version of the speaker. The latest Bluetooth version is 5.0, which offers better sound quality and a longer range. Bluetooth version 2.1 already comes with a profile called Enhanced Data Rate, which improves audio streaming quality. If you’re looking for a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, make sure it has the latest Bluetooth version.

Waterproof: If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that you can take with you on all your adventures, then be sure to find one that is waterproof. It will allow you to take it anywhere without worrying about it getting damaged by water.

Portability: Another critical factor to look for when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is its portability. Some speakers are heavier and larger, making it difficult to transport them. If you’re looking for a portable speaker, be sure to find a lightweight and small one.

Design: Some people might not consider design, but it’s something to think about when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker. You’ll want a speaker that looks great and is easy to transport. Many of the newer models come with straps, which make them easy to carry around.

Size: When it comes to size, you’ll have to consider where you will be using the speaker. If you plan on taking it with you on trips, you’ll want a small and light speaker. However, if you’re going to leave it at home, a more prominent speaker might be more appropriate.

Battery life: Another essential factor to consider is battery life. Many Bluetooth speakers last for hours on a single charge, but some are not as long-lasting. Make sure to read the reviews before purchasing a speaker to get an idea of how long the battery lasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between a Bluetooth speaker and a regular speaker?

A: A Bluetooth speaker is typically smaller and has a longer battery life than a regular speaker. It also can be used to wirelessly connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Q: Can I leave a Bluetooth speaker plugged in all the time?

A: Yes, a Bluetooth speaker can be left plugged in all the time. However, it will damage the battery and may lead to overheating.

Q: Can I use a Bluetooth speaker to make phone calls?

A: No, a Bluetooth speaker cannot be used to make phone calls. It can only be used to play music or other audio files. However, it is possible for Bluetooth speakers that have a built-in microphone.

Q: How are Bluetooth speakers different from wifi speakers?

A: Bluetooth speakers are typically smaller and have a longer battery life than wifi speakers. They also can be used to wirelessly connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Wifi speakers require a wifi connection to work.

Q: Do waterproof Bluetooth speakers change their sound quality when submerged in the water?

A: Generally, waterproof Bluetooth speakers are not made to be submerged in water because the water can damage the speaker. However, some models are designed to be waterproof and won’t change sound quality. It’s best to do some research online or read the reviews before purchasing a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Q: What is the difference between a mono Bluetooth speaker and a stereo Bluetooth speaker?

A: A mono Bluetooth speaker has one driver, while a stereo Bluetooth speaker has two. It means that the stereo Bluetooth speaker will have a better sound quality and be able to produce a wider range of sounds.

Final Thoughts

Are you into music and want high-quality sounds? A Bluetooth speaker is what you need and the best one for you. It is not that hard to find the best one with so many different types and companies on the market.

If you already got one but an older version of Bluetooth speaker, the sound quality is probably not as good as the newer ones. Follow the guide mentioned above, and your Bluetooth speaker will sound better than ever in no time!

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