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With high-fidelity audio solutions growing, we’re spoiled when it comes to portable picks. But that doesn’t mean you can buy the first Bluetooth speakers you see and expect great results. After all, these are expensive and have varying qualities. Luckily, the best Bluetooth speakers under $500 aren’t far out of reach.

These have superb sound quality, allowing you to amplify any audio on the go. So, whether you’re hosting a party or are presenting at work, Bluetooth speakers are where it’s at!

I looked over 50+ Bluetooth speakers for this post to highlight the best ones you should consider.

 Our Top Pick! 
Sony SRS-XB43 Bluetooth Speakers
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Sonos Move Bluetooth Speakers Check Price
FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth Speakers Check Price
Bang & Olufsen Beolit 20 Bluetooth Speakers Check Price
JBL Boombox 2 Bluetooth Speakers Check Price

Benefits of Bluetooth Speakers: Should I Really Get One?

If you’re looking to blast your favorite songs on the go, having a Bluetooth speaker is ideal. And the best Bluetooth speakers under $500 give you great value for your money! You can enjoy quality sounds without putting a dent in your wallet with this.

If you’re still not convinced, here are benefits unique to Bluetooth speakers:

✔️ Enjoy improved sound quality. 

Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, Bluetooth speakers greatly enhance their audio output. 

✔️ Speakers support childhood education. 

You can use Bluetooth speakers to play nursery rhymes, poems, and more. As a result, you’re indirectly supporting your kid’s early education while keeping them entertained. 

✔️ It’s excellent for caring for the elderly. 

One of the many functions of modern Bluetooth speakers is access to FM radio. And what older individual doesn’t like listening to the radio? With a Bluetooth speaker on hand, elders can now stay up-to-date with the latest news in style. 

✔️ Hands-free operation. 

Bluetooth speakers promote wireless connectivity. So all you need is to connect the speakers to your device—and hit play!

✔️ It adds to your home’s aesthetic value. 

If you’re looking to purchase a Bluetooth speaker for home use, they give you more benefits aside from great sound quality. Aside from letting you enjoy quality audio at home, it also gives your house an aesthetic boost!

✔️ Hands-free calling. 

Most Bluetooth speakers today have speakerphone capabilities. That means you can enjoy hands-free calling with a Bluetooth speaker on hand. 

✔️ Motivation booster. 

For active individuals, Bluetooth speakers can help you stay on the grind with a bit of motivational music. After all, you can use these devices anywhere at any time. 

✔️ Say goodbye to cables. 

Bluetooth speakers mostly run on wireless connections. With this, you can enjoy quality sounds without the tangle and mess of wires!

But regardless of the benefits and downsides of Bluetooth speakers, the five products below won’t disappoint! From stylish designs to powerful performance, there’s a speaker out there for you.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $500 – Our Top 5!


OUR TOP PICK: Sony SRS-XB43 Bluetooth Speakers

Product Name: Sony SRS-XB43 Bluetooth Speakers

Product Description: Nothing can beat Sony's SRS-XB43 Bluetooth Speakers when it comes to sound quality. It's a shared favorite among audiophiles, boasting lifelike sounds accompanied by the powerful bass. And despite its modest price tag, its performance often excels other products. Being one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $500, the XB43 offers many features despite being cheaper. It has dual tweeters, a single woofer, and two passive radiators. Besides this, the speakers also have various EQ settings. As a result, the XB43 can deliver all the premium audio features present in more expensive models. Also, unlike other speakers at the same price range, this model doesn't have any distortion—nor lag. So, with the XB43, expect crystal clear audio and the finest mid-, low-, and heavy-range bass! However, what caught my eye is the speaker's 'Live Sound Mode,' as it offers a 3D audio experience. The speakers make you feel like you're in the actual music videos, movies, or games. And if you ever feel like boosting the sounds more, it has Party Connect and Stereo-Pairing mode.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Sound quality
  • Durability
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Value for money


Sound quality and features aside, the XB43 also has an impressive design. Its top panel comes with several buttons for easy control and operation. And when it comes to charging, Sony makes it easy for you by having its charging jack on the back of the speaker. Overall, if versatility, performance, and quality are what you want in a Bluetooth speaker, you can never go wrong with the Sony SRS-XB43 Bluetooth Speakers. You’ll get an AC power adapter and a warranty card for each package.


  • Very affordable
  • Live Sound Mode for 3D sound effects
  • The speakers have NFC technology for easy connection with over 100 speakers
  • IP67 rated and highly weather-resistant
  • It lasts up to 24 hours on one charge


  • These headphones don’t support aptX audio codecs
  • A bit heavy
  • It doesn’t support Wi-Fi 


Sonos Move Bluetooth Speakers
Sonos Move Bluetooth Speakers

Are you looking for a smart Bluetooth speaker that can keep up with your growing demands? Look no further than the Sonos Move Bluetooth Speakers.

It offers high-definition and lifelike sounds without issues, ensuring crisp audio flow. Moreover, despite being a smaller speaker, it’s loud. With this, you can enjoy your favorite tunes, movies, or games from your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Also, like high-end models, this smart Bluetooth speaker provides a broader soundstage. And it manages to do all of these while maintaining deep bass. As a result, the speaker becomes flexible enough to handle all kinds of music genres.

Moreover, you don’t have to adjust the sound performance thanks to the speaker’s Trueplay Tuning technology. It detects your preferred settings, synchronizing sounds accordingly.

So, whether you like hip-hop or are a proud country fanatic, Sonos has got you covered!

But sound quality aside, this speaker is all feature-rich. That means you can enjoy countless benefits aside from great audio. And these include Wi-Fi compatibility, built-in Alexa, and water resistance. With this, you can enjoy your favorite music, talk to friends, and party all night hassle-free!

However, what stood out was the speaker’s straightforward design. It managed to look stylish while staying functional, uncommon in modern speakers. Not to mention, it only needs a few minutes to set up!

Overall, I recommend Sonos as one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $500 if you want a no-frills option that offers quality results without being complicated. Thanks to the speaker’s user-friendly interface, it can also be an excellent gift for the elderly.

My issue, though, is that the speaker weighs over 6 pounds! And this is relatively heavier than other brands on the market. So if you want a highly portable Bluetooth speaker, check out the other products on this list.

Otherwise, you’ll get a quality speaker for a modest price if you don’t mind the weight.

  • It produces deep bass with a well-balanced sound
  • IP56 rated, water- and solid-resistant
  • Flexible can be used on other speakers
  • The speakers use two-play for auto-synchronization
  • It comes with a built-in Alexa
  • It doesn’t have the best stereo sound quality
  • Very heavy
  • Lacks speakerphone capabilities
FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth Speakers
FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth Speakers - best bluetooth speakers under $500

Even though FUGOO is a relatively new brand in the industry, it’s already dominating the market. And the FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth Speakers are solid proof of the brand’s quality products.

The FUGOO Tough XL is made for powerful performance and looks! And despite being more significant, it still has most of the design principles of its predecessors. However, this one is louder, stronger, and more memorable.

Boasting a unique two-piece design, this speaker can withstand any outdoor conditions. What’s more, since the product has an upward tilt, it can produce loud and booming sounds even outside! So, if you’re an avid beach-goer or camper, the FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth Speakers are perfect for you.

But aside from its unique looks, the speaker’s performance is also as impressive. Its drivers consist of four Neodymium-magnet tweeters, two woofers, and two passive radiators. You get to experience a full spectrum of sound on the go with this.

Other notable features include the Aux-in 3.5 mm jack, adapter ports, built-in microphone, and AI assistants. You have a choice between Siri and Google Now.

But what stood out is the speaker’s flexibility as it can also double as a power bank. It lets you fast-charge your smartphone through its USB port. And you won’t need to think about draining the Bluetooth speakers as they run up to 35 hours on one charge!

However, I noticed that the sound gets distorted on high volumes even if it does have exceptional sound quality. Also, its built-in mic isn’t the clearest, as I had an issue when I called my friend through it. Anyway, these are minor problems that you can quickly fix.

Overall, the FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth Speakers is an excellent pick for avid outdoor people who are always on the go. After all, these speakers are rugged, stylish, and loud!

  • Extremely durable
  • Waterproof design
  • It doubles as a power bank
  • It gives over 35 hours of playback on one charge
  • Multi-directional speakers
  • Built-in mic is poor quality
  • It has a short Bluetooth range
  • Audio distorts when played at high volumes
Bang and Olufsen Beolit 20 Bluetooth Speakers

Thanks to its unique design, the Bang & Olufsen Beolit 20 Bluetooth Speakers caught my eye. Structured like a carrying box, this Bluetooth speaker has a leather strap providing optimal comfort—and portability. And its black and blue colors genuinely add to this speaker’s beauty.

Also, the product uses Anodized Aluminum, enhancing its durability. So not only is this product gorgeous, it’s equally as strong as well!

But design aside, this product also has some impressive specs. These include dual amps with 35 wattages, three 1.5-inch drivers, and a big 5.5-inch woofer. What’s more, the speaker’s frequency range is around 37 Hz to 20kHz, which is relatively high for its price.

Combined with the speaker’s DSP technology, all these improve its overall sound performance. And adding to the ‘flavor’ of its sounds is its substantial 4-inch radiator, promoting balanced sounds alongside a heavy bass.

With Bang & Olufsen Beolit 20, you’re getting an elevated audio experience, which is rare in smart speakers.

What surprised me, though, was the speaker’s wireless charging function. After all, this lets you charge your phone without the need for cables! And this is super handy for those who travel often.

My issue is that the speakers only run up to 8 hours per charging cycle. And this is relatively short compared to other models I’ve mentioned. But don’t let this discourage you as the product charges relatively fast. You can get half its juice back in less than an hour.

  • Uses powerful drivers for loud and balanced sounds
  • It has a massive radiator for added bass
  • Very affordable
  • Beautiful design with impressive durability
  • The speakers are supported by the brand’s very own mobile app
  • It doesn’t have an IP-rating
  • Extremely poor battery life
  • It doesn’t support Wi-Fi connectivity
JBL Boombox 2 Bluetooth Speakers
JBL Boombox 2 Bluetooth Speakers

My last pick for the best Bluetooth speakers under $500 is JBL’s Boombox 2. This model boasts wireless connectivity and water resistance, an upgraded version of the brand’s original Boombox.

Aside from that, the Boombox 2 also offers heavier bass and louder sounds than its predecessor. As a result, it’s become a shared favorite among audiophiles.

The Bluetooth speakers come with two passive radiators, 4-inch woofers, and 20 mm tweeters. Combining these all gives you booming yet crisp quality sounds. And with its broader soundstage, it’s no wonder JBL has become a staple brand for quality and affordable Bluetooth speakers.

Moreover, these speakers create top-notch sounds even when cranked up to 90% volume. You’re free from lag or distortion with JBL’s BoomBox 2. In short, the JBL is an excellent pick for those looking to boost their audio via tablets, phones, or laptops.

But specs aside, the Boombox 2 also has an impressive playtime. Each charging session gives you up to 24 hours of playback.

With this, you can play your favorite tunes day and night!

Moreover, the speaker’s design is equally impressive, thanks to its portable structure. The speaker’s handle makes it convenient to carry around, perfect for active individuals. Not to mention, these speakers are IPX7 rated, meaning you can bring them to the pool or beach without worry!

Overall, with JBL’s Boombox 2, listening to music has never been this fun!

  • Distortion- and lag-free
  • IPX7-rated, making it waterproof
  • Durable and convenient design
  • Powerful battery life up to 24 hours
  • It has a PartyBoot feature, allowing easy connection to other speakers
  • It doesn’t have specified indoor or outdoor modes
  • It doesn’t support Wi-Fi connection
  • It can’t support aptX codecs

Considerations When Buying Bluetooth Speakers

Looking at these considerations lets you pick the best Bluetooth speakers for you—and your wallet!

📾 What Are You Going to Use the Bluetooth Speakers For?

The first thing to consider when buying the best Bluetooth speakers under $500 is its purpose. Knowing beforehand helps you understand what you need in a speaker, making it easier to pick. After all, different Bluetooth speakers have unique functions. Some might be perfect for home use, while others work best outdoors. 

Either way, make sure to determine what you want the speakers for before deciding on the best model for you. Remember, some speakers might be great for home use, but they might not be the best for traveling. 

📾 Sound Quality

You’d want Bluetooth speakers that sound great. After all, you are buying it for the audio. And the best way to tell how excellent a speaker’s sound quality is by looking at its total harmonic distortion. 

Generally, anything below 1% is ideal. It means that the speakers have minimal distortion, offering crisp audio quality. The issue is that some Bluetooth speakers don’t display that specification. If this is the case, listening to the actual product is your best bet. 

Aside from this, frequency response is also crucial for sound quality. Some models sound better than others because of higher-quality frequency responses. So, it makes sense to look for the frequency response when needed. 

It’s best to focus on the low frequency as it states the speakers’ bass level. And the lower, the better. 

📾 Bluetooth Version

To ensure smooth connectivity, you need to look at the speakers’ Bluetooth version. The preliminary version of Bluetooth is v.1, which is rare nowadays. You’ll mostly see version 2.1 in modern Bluetooth speakers. However, interpretations of 4.0 and 5 are also available. 

But you may be wondering, what does the Bluetooth version number mean in these speakers? Generally, the higher the version, the more advanced its Bluetooth is. 

For instance, Bluetooth 2.1 features a profile called ‘Enhanced Data Rate.’ And this paved the pathway to wireless linking. With this, devices can now carry more data, providing an insightful representation of sounds. 

Moreover, higher versions have additional features for things like data collection. But this isn’t necessary if you only need the Bluetooth speakers solely for the sounds. So I recommend going for speakers with the standard 2.1 version. 

📾 Battery Life

The last factor to consider for the best Bluetooth speakers under $500 is battery life. After all, it’s in charge of running time and how much you’ll need to recharge the device. Generally, the product should last as long as you need. 

Although it depends on the brand, the smaller the speakers, the smaller their batteries are. So, they don’t last as long as their larger counterparts. On the other hand, larger designs have bigger batteries that can last up to 24 hours straight!

📾 Audio Power

Not each Bluetooth speaker has this feature specified. However, when it does, it’s usually shown in watts. For instance, when the product says ’10 watts,’ you’re most likely looking at a loud yet inefficient speaker. Remember, you’ll need more power for larger rooms or outdoor use. So, the higher the watts, the better it is for mass use. 

📾 Connectivity Options

Some Bluetooth speakers have the function of connecting to secondary devices. And these are mainly used for stereo sounds. So unless you need this function, this isn’t a necessary feature. 


Connecting to audio sources such as smartphones to Bluetooth speakers is simple enough. But it’s possible to use near field communications (NFC) on speakers with the function, bypassing the settings and playing music. 

In short, NFC lets you connect compatible devices to the speakers through Bluetooth by tapping the two gadgets together. And though this is convenient, it has its downsides. Most notably, NFC has been devoted to brands outside of Apple. So if you have iPhones, Macs, and other Apple products at home, watch out for NFC. 

📾 Speakerphone Capabilities

Whether you’re looking to speak with a friend or take calls, speakerphone capability is crucial when choosing a Bluetooth speaker. You can do this using speaker with microphones incorporated alongside the speakerphone functionality. And this is most useful if you’re going to use the speakers by a desk. 

However, be warned, as this can be annoying for other people, especially if you’re using it beside public areas. Not to mention, everyone can listen to your conversations!

Otherwise, if you only want Bluetooth speakers for the music, disregard this entirely. 

📾 Wired Input

Wired input is essential when using older devices like the classic iPod or iPhones. After all, these gadgets usually don’t have built-in Bluetooth. Ideally, Bluetooth speakers have 3.5 mm jack inputs, making it possible to connect wire-only devices via provided cables. But before assuming all models have a jack input, check them first! 

Alternatively, you can buy a separate Bluetooth transmitter to connect your devices to the speakers. 

📾 Water-Resistance

Since Bluetooth speakers are naturally portable, you’ll often find yourself using them in different places. And yes, these include areas near water. So to ensure you’re protecting your investment, water resistance is essential. After all, water and electronics naturally can’t mix. That’s why it’s best if a model has a waterproof design.

Some models might even be submersible. However, it’s more common to have speakers resistant to water. With this, you can use them even in places like the pool or beach. 

📾 Design

When it comes to design, there are things you must consider: size and style. The former is more crucial, especially if you plan on bringing the speakers with you. Luckily, modern designs are small enough to fit easily into luggage, bags, and even purses, no matter their structures. 

However, the small speakers usually have lower-quality sounds than bigger ones. So unless you’re traveling with the Bluetooth speaker, I suggest choosing bigger models for booming sounds!

The next factor is style, and though not as important, you should still consider it. After all, the design says a lot about your taste, style, and personality!

 📾 Speaker Materials

A Bluetooth speaker’s materials used for construction say a lot about its quality. That’s why it’s best to check the product’s specs first. Doing so ensures you’re getting the best value for your money. Not to mention, it provides lasting use and quality sounds. 

Making Your Bluetooth Speakers Sound Better (Tips & Tricks)

Bluetooth speakers help you understand how room size and acoustics affect sound quality. And this means you can make the best Bluetooth speakers under $500 sound even better! Below I discuss proven tips and tricks to make your Bluetooth speaker sound its best. 

It’s all about where you put the speakers. 

When experimenting with placement, you’ll see that it plays a huge role in sound quality. And this can make your Bluetooth speakers sound better—or worse. Luckily, Bluetooth speakers are usually small, so finding the proper placement should be easy.

Stay in the middle. 

I recommend starting your search by putting the speakers in the middle of a room. Also, it’s best to place them on the floor as they create more bass than sitting on tables, chairs, etc. 

Try the corner. 

If the middle tactic doesn’t work, try placing your speakers in a corner. Again, put them on the floor for the best results. 

Consider the environment. 

You’ll notice your Bluetooth speakers sounding a little louder when placed inside. On the other hand, it sounds much quieter outside. Enclosed places let the sound waves bounce off the walls, creating booming audio. 

Distance the speakers and your audio advice. 

One of the best ways to get the most out of your Bluetooth speakers is by distancing them from your chosen audio device. After all, the distance between the two significantly drops or improves the speaker’s quality. For example, if your Bluetooth speakers are far, you’d naturally get distorted sounds since your device can’t pick up the sounds. 

Reduce background noise. 

It’s best to remove unwanted noise surrounding you and your speakers. And whether it’s TVs, radios, or other gadgets, getting rid of these should boost your speaker’s sound quality. 

Get the ideal distance. 

I suggest distancing speakers and the audio devices for at least 10 centimeters. This range should provide you with the best sound quality possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many watts should a Bluetooth speaker have?

A: Bluetooth speakers with wattage between 150 and 500 offer quality sounds without putting a dent in your wallet. Each sound has a frequency, measuring how low or high the sound is. You can see this in most packaging, so carefully check it before buying a speaker. After all, frequency is crucial for top-notch sound delivery. 

Q: Do I need get a Wi-Fi connection when using a Bluetooth speaker?

A: Bluetooth works via short-range radio waves. So, you don’t need to have a Wi-Fi connection to use Bluetooth speakers. And yes, this includes data plans or cellular connections. Moreover, this means that you can use them anywhere as long as you have a compatible device to connect them with.

Q: How long do Bluetooth speakers last?

A: The best Bluetooth speakers under $500 can last you for 40 years with careful use and regular maintenance. However, if you don’t take care of your speakers or go for a cheaper option, they might not last as long. Still, it all depends on how you use the product and how much you take care of it. 

Q: What makes wireless and Bluetooth speakers different?

A: Bluetooth lets you connect the speakers to compatible devices, facilitating information transfers. Meanwhile, wireless speakers let you connect a computer to a particular network. Bluetooth speakers are more flexible, allowing you to send files to various devices. And yes, these include headphones, laptops, etc. 

Q: How many volts do Bluetooth speakers need?

A: Although it depends on different brands, most Bluetooth speakers need at least 6.5 volts to work. However, most models have 120 volts. 

Final Thoughts

The best Bluetooth speakers under $500 let you enjoy your favorite tunes on the go without breaking the bank! Otherwise, if you settle for more expensive options, expect to waste money on the same features. Fortunately, the listed Bluetooth speakers offer premium qualities at a modest price. And with the right model, you’ll be able to enjoy booming and quality audio anywhere—at any time.

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