The Best Soundbar for Open Floor Plan: Top 10 Picks

Are you planning to buy the best soundbar for open floor plan? Open floor plans are all the rage these days. They create a more spacious and open feeling in your home. But what about when you want to watch TV or listen to music? Traditional speakers can be unsightly and disruptive to the flow of the room. That’s where soundbars come in. A good soundbar can provide excellent sound quality without cluttering up your space. 

However, there are a lot of soundbars on the market. How do you know which one is right for you? Don’t worry; we have compiled a list of the best soundbars for open floor plans to help you decide.

SoundbarBrandOur RatingCheck Price on Amazon
Bose Smart Soundbar 700Bose Smart Soundbar 700 Check Price
XZJX Direct 100W Sound Bar Check Price
Bose TV Speaker - Soundbar Check Price
Samsung HW-A450 Check Price
Sony HT-S350 Soundbar Check Price
Polk Audio Signa S2 Check Price
SAMSUNG 5.0ch S60A Check Price
Hisense HS218 Check Price
Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar Check Price
VMAI TV Sound Bar Check Price

How Do Soundbars Work?

You may struggle with the complexity of cables and speakers when putting together a sound system. But hassle-free surround sound doesn’t have to be complicated. Soundbars are a great way to get cinematic surround sound without worrying about any wires. They usually connect to your TV through an HDMI port and give you the best audio quality possible.

The best part is that most soundbars come with a wireless subwoofer. So you don’t have to worry about hiding any cables. Furthermore, the term “soundbar” refers to a single amplified speaker system that replicates surround sound. Thus, the soundbars are basically seven speakers in one. It is placed within the ‘bar’ and set to provide surround sound.

Sound practically bounces off the walls, mostly in psycho-acoustic effects. This is the same technology used in movie theaters. Thus, the best soundbars for open floor plans will give you an immersive sound experience right in your living room.

Best Soundbars for Open Floor Plan: Our Top Picks


OUR TOP PICK : Bose Smart Soundbar 700
Bose Smart Soundbar 700

Product Name: Bose Smart Soundbar 700

Product Description: The Bose Soundbar 700 is a high-end soundbar with a modern, elegant look. With dimensions of 97 cm, we may classify it as a big bar, so aesthetically, it's better suited to TVs that are at least as large as 55 inches. It also has a built-in Alexa Voice Remote, making it easy to control your music and TV without ever having to get up off the couch. The Bose 700 soundbar does not include a subwoofer. However, it provides an excellent sound in a large open area. Even without the sub, the bass is strong and clear. The highs and mids are also well balanced. This soundbar would be an excellent option for those who want high-quality sound without too many bells and whistles. This is without a doubt your soundbar if you like a more subtle design and want a top-notch sonic experience. This soundbar can detect and react to the environment to provide engulfing sound that makes us feel as if we are right in the middle of the drama.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Sound Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Power


The Bose Smart Soundbar 700 produces a good surround sound with remarkable details. The speech clarity and transmission are incredible with sophisticated audio technology that provide a genuinely immersive experience. You may play music from Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, or other services using a home Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth link, Spotify Connect, or Apple AirPlay 2. This bar is a real investment, and if you are looking for the best soundbar for an open floor plan, it is worth considering.


🗸Multiple connectivity ports

🗸Alexa voice remote

🗸Supports Bose Music App

🗸Expandable design

🗸Sublime audio quality

🗸Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support


❌High price

❌Slightly big size

❌The Bose app is not compatible with iPhone


XZJX Direct 100W Sound Bar

Stream your favorite shows, movies, and music with this XZJX Direct 100W soundbar. It features dynamic 3D surround sound with 4 full-range and 2 tweeter drivers for a more realistic audio experience. You can mount the soundbar on the wall or used it as a standalone unit. It also includes a wireless subwoofer for deep bass.

The XZJX Direct 100W soundbar is easy to set up and use. It has multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth, optical, coaxial, and AUX ports. The sound quality is good for the price, and the subwoofer adds a nice bass. The low distortion technology ensures crisp sound quality at any volume level. Also, the LED display makes it easy to see which input you are using.

Additionally, the soundbar comes with remote control and an HDMI cable. So you can connect it to your TV and start enjoying better sound right away. It has an easy CEC remote control that makes it simple to manage all your entertainment options. Plus, the fast Bluetooth connection provides a seamless streaming experience. The soundbar is a great value for the price. It would be a good option to improve their audio experience.

  • Affordable
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • LED display
  • It comes with remote control and HDMI cable
  • Fast Bluetooth connection
  • Sound quality is not as good as more expensive models
  • The subwoofer is not wireless

Bose TV Speaker - Soundbar

If you have a limited budget, the Bose TV Soundbar -Speaker system is the ideal choice for an open floor plan. Also, this soundbar is for Bose televisions, but it will work with any optical audio port TV. The soundbar features proprietary QuietPort and PhaseGuide technology for clear, immersive sound.

The Bose TV Soundbar -Speaker system is easy to set up and use. It includes a universal remote control to manage the soundbar and TV easily. The sound quality is good for the price, and the subwoofer adds a nice bass.

The soundbar comes with an optical cable and AC adapter. So you can connect it to your TV and start enjoying better sound right away. It comes in a compact, single-piece design that fits any home setting. Nonetheless, it provides excellent, powerful sound for open floor areas.

Furthermore, the audio system for huge rooms focuses on elevating and clarifying pronunciations and voices, whether news streaming or movies.

  • Built-in subwoofers
  • Affordable
  • Superior vocal clarity
  • Compact design
  • Easy sound bar setup
  • Flat bass
  • No app control

Samsung HW-A450

The Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch Soundbar provides gamers with a dedicated gaming mode, making it ideal for open-air game playing. It also features Adaptive Sound technology that automatically adjusts sound levels to match the TV volume.

Moreover, the game mode also aims to integrate and optimize directional audio. Allowing it to move with on-screen action while minimizing distractions. This design enables you to enjoy live gaming action fully. The soundbar is much more capable. The use of this soundbar in a spacious area improves podcast and music streaming, news broadcasts, and movie streaming.

In addition, the Samsung HW-A450/ZA is easy to set up and use. You can wall-mount or use it as a standalone unit since it has a wireless subwoofer for deep bass. It has a single push-button for instant bass enhancement. The open-concept audio system also has adaptive Sound Lite technology for optimal audio tracking. In addition, the music in the background is equalized, and volume control is consistent thanks to the adaptive Sound Lite technology. You can never go wrong with the Samsung HW-A450/ZA for an open floor plan.

  • Dedicated gaming mode
  • Adaptive Sound technology
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Push-button bass enhancement
  • Adaptive Sound Lite technology
  • Not very loud
  • Does not support smart home systems

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar

Another excellent soundbar for an open floor plan is the Sony HT-S350. This soundbar offers the ultimate cinematic experience to your home when used in large rooms with open floor plans. The 2.1 Channel soundbar produces clear audio, and A powerful portable subwoofer accompanies it.

It’s a 6.30-inch subwoofer with a capacity of 6.16 gallons. The soundbar and subwoofer work together to provide a spectacular audio experience. A combined output of 320W is capable enough to provide earth-shattering audio. The bass is superb. It combines powerful S-Force Pro technology with virtualized sound quality capabilities. Providing a home theater-style immersive experience.

The soundbar has seven built-in sound settings, including auto sound, sports, news, gaming, music, movies, and standard audio. In addition, a voice enhancement feature is also in the soundbar for even better sound quality. It isolates voices and enhances them over ambient noise. In terms of power, its 320 watts are more than adequate for 99 percent of houses. So your neighborhood, not the bar, would be your limit for watching movies!

It is one of the most efficient soundbars on the market within its pricing range. Furthermore, the sound quality is unrivaled and far surpasses that of other soundbars in the same price bracket. This soundbar’s minimal weight makes it an excellent option for a smart home. It features a sophisticated design that complements the aesthetics of your home.

  • Cinematic experience
  • S-Force Pro technology
  • Seven built-in sound settings
  • Voice enhancement feature
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • No USB port
  • It doesn’t support DTS-X or 3D surround Dolby Atmos
  • Subwoofer needs improvement

Polk Audio Signa S2

The Polk Audio Signa S2 TV Sound Bar is what you want to purchase if you’re looking for a soundbar to use on the open floor for 4K and HD TVs. This 2.1 Channel soundbar provides an outstanding sound experience with its open floor design.

This soundbar is amazing for a variety of reasons. It has 5 full-range drivers, one of its most notable features. A wireless subwoofer with 5 strong full-range speakers for deep bass is among the inclusions of this premium thin soundbar. The Polk Audio Signa S2 also has Dolby Digital Decoder. It is a unique voice adjustment technology for improved sound quality and decreased speech delay.

The high-range soundbar is barely over 2-inches in height, So it will fit in most settings. You won’t miss any audio details thanks to the patented Polk Adjust Technology. It offers a premium audio experience with high-level clarity. You may place it in front of the television without obstructing the bottom edges. However, you can install it on the wall.

It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. As a result, you can use apps such as TuneIn, Spotify, Pandora, and others to listen to music. In addition, you may use various connection modes. Including wireless Bluetooth, AUX cable, optical, and HDMI. The best part is that the Polk Audio Signa S21 is one of the best-sounding soundbars on a budget.

  • Ultra-slim design
  • It offers a premium audio experience
  • Patented Polk Adjust Technology
  • Multiple connection modes
  • No built-in Chromecast or Google Assistant support
  • It can be a bit too powerful for some user
  • No volume or bass indicators on the soundbar

SAMSUNG 5.0ch S60A

The Samsung 5.0ch S60a S Series Soundbar is explicitly for open-concept living areas. The 5.0 channel setup of the soundbar for big open areas provides an impressive surround audio experience. Its single-piece unique speaker system makes it ideal for anyone who wishes to listen to music on the go.

It has a side horn speaker with panorama soundscapes. Also, a sonic beam layout for room-filling sound is among the inclusion of this soundbar. Despite the lack of an external subwoofer, the soundbar features precise channel placement to retain excellent audio levels.

It also has a built-in center speaker geared to boost conversation and ensure that you hear every word. With the use of the speaker’s music streaming capabilities, Bluetooth-ready, you can stream from Spotify and Pandora. AirPlay 2 is also supported by the soundbar, allowing you to play audio via iOS devices. You may use the HDMI ARC port to connect the soundbar to your TV.

  • Precise channel placement
  • Built-in center speaker
  • Music streaming capabilities
  • Bluetooth ready
  • No external subwoofer
  • Sound quality could be better

Hisense HS218

The Hisense HS218 Soundbar is a great budget option for those looking for an affordable soundbar. It’s a two-channel soundbar that delivers decent audio quality and comes with a wireless subwoofer.

The soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily stream music from your phone or other devices. The Hisense HS218 2.1ch soundbar works with most 32-inch TVs. It delivers optimal sound even in large open settings. The sound system for huge spaces has four built-in speakers. Thus, it has a total output of up to 200W.

The soundbar’s two front-facing speakers transmit crisp mid and high-range frequencies. While the 80W subwoofer provides outstanding low-frequency sounds. The soundbar has Dolby Audio technology for amazing sound quality and expert sound effects customization.

Indeed, the soundbar for open floor plan has Quick touch EQ presets that improve the sound quality of the content you’re watching. With a single tap of the remote, you may access news, movies, and music via the EQ modes.

  • Two-channel soundbar
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Dolby Audio technology
  • Quick touch EQ presets
  • No HDMI input or output connections
  • Setup and connection procedures may be complicated

Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar

The Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar is a high-end soundbar. It provides an excellent audio experience for open floor plans. It’s a three-channel soundbar that comes with two wireless rear speakers. Also, it includes a wireless subwoofer to provide true surround sound without the need for extra cables.

The soundbar offers a heavy-duty feature with high speakers capacity. It includes a 40-inch 2.1 Ch soundbar and an 8-inch external wireless subwoofer. Thus, it can offer up to 400W maximum capacity.

Furthermore, the soundbar has a speech-enhancing mode. It allows you to hear every detail with crystal clarity. The soundbar works with a single HDMI ARC, optical connection, and remote control. You may also use a Bluetooth connection to link it wirelessly to the TV.

  • True surround sound
  • No extra cables needed
  • Speech enhancing mode
  • Simple setup design
  • Some users report issues with the wireless connections and remote control

VMAI TV Sound Bar

Looking for a better audio experience than what your TV can provide on its own? Look no further than the VMAI TV Sound Bar. This soundbar is designed to improve the audio quality of your TV and comes with a wireless subwoofer for deep bass sounds.

This advanced soundbar features 120W of power, delivering noticeably better sound than your average TV speaker setup. With advanced technologies that create an immersive surround sound experience, you’ll be able to enjoy all the details of your movies and music like never before.

The VMI TV Sound Bar is also Bluetooth enabled, making it easy to wirelessly connect your phone or other devices and stream music directly to the soundbar. Plus, with four different sound modes – 3D, News, Movies, and Music – you can easily customize the sound to best match what you’re watching or listening to.

In addition, it has multiple input options; this soundbar is perfect for any occasion. It features an HDMI input and output and a USB port and AUX input. It means you can easily connect it to your TV, Blu-ray player, gaming console, or other devices. Plus, the included remote makes it easy to control all the sound bar’s functions from across the room.

Don’t settle for lackluster TV audio; Invest in the VMAI TV Sound Bar for the best sound experience possible.

  • 120W of power
  • Advanced surround sound technologies
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Multiple input options
  • Sound quality can improve

Choosing the Best Soundbar for Open Floor Plan

Choosing the Best Soundbar for Open Floor Plan

When looking for the best soundbar for open floor plan, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and wants. Some factors you may want to keep in mind include:

⚆Space Size

How much space do you have to work with? Do you need a small and compact soundbar, or are you willing to sacrifice some size for increased audio quality? Soundbars came on the market as the ideal substitute for the home theater because they don’t take up a lot of space and don’t need to access cables or speakers all over the space.

Some ideas for best soundbar placement include hiding it behind the couch, placing it on a shelf, or mounting it to the wall. However, if you have an open floor plan with ample space, you may want to consider a larger soundbar that can deliver richer and more powerful audio.

⚆Directional Design 

Do you watch a lot of movies or play video games? If so, you’ll want to look for a soundbar that features a directional design. It means the soundbar will direct audio specifically towards you, creating an immersive surround sound experience.

Many soundbars have built-in speakers facing the front, but some models also feature side-firing or upward-firing speakers. It allows the sound to bounce off the ceiling and walls, providing a more realistic surround sound experience.

⚆Connection Options 

Another essential factor to consider is how you’ll be connecting your soundbar to other devices. These are the most common types of connections:

➡️HDMI: Most newer TVs have an HDMI port, which allows you to connect the soundbar directly to your TV. It is the best way to get high-quality audio, as it transmits both audio and video signals.

➡️Optical: If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can use an optical cable to connect the soundbar to your TV. It is a digital audio connection that can provide good quality audio.

➡️Bluetooth: Many soundbars also feature Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to wirelessly stream audio from your phone, tablet, or other devices. It is convenient to listen to music, but it may not provide the best sound quality.

➡️Analog: Some soundbars also have analog input options, such as a stereo RCA connection or a mini-jack input. It is the best way to connect older devices that don’t have digital audio output.

If you want to use your soundbar with various devices, it’s essential to choose one that has multiple input options. It will allow you to connect it to your TV, Blu-ray player, gaming console, and other audio devices.

⚆Channel Configuration

Most soundbars have a two-channel configuration, which means they have left and right speakers. However, some models also feature additional channels, such as a center channel or surround sound speakers.

If you want to create a true home theater experience, you’ll need a soundbar with at least five channels. It will provide dedicated sounds for the left, right, and center channels and two surround sound speakers.

⚆Additional Features

In addition to basic features, there are also a few additional features that you may want to look for in a soundbar. These include:

➡️Subwoofer: This is an additional speaker that can provide deeper and richer bass tones.

➡️Wireless surround sound: This allows you to wirelessly connect the surround sound speakers to the main soundbar, eliminating the need for additional cables.

➡️DSP modes: These are special audio effects that can improve the quality of your music or movies.

➡️Bluetooth remote: Some soundbars come with a Bluetooth remote, which allows you to control the audio without having to get up off the couch.

⚆Smart Features 

In addition to basic audio features, many soundbars also come with smart features that allow you to control your audio with your voice. These include:

➡️Amazon Alexa: This allows you to control the soundbar with your voice, using commands such as “Alexa, turn up the volume.”

➡️Google Assistant: This allows you to control the soundbar with your voice, using commands such as “OK Google, turn up the volume.”

➡️Apple Siri: This allows you to control the soundbar with your voice, using commands such as “Hey Siri, turn up the volume.”

If you want to control your soundbar with your voice, you’ll need to choose a model that supports one of these voice assistants.

⚆Power and Sound Modes 

Finally, when choosing a soundbar, be sure to check the power rating and the number of sound modes. The higher the wattage rating, the more powerful the audio will be. And if you’re looking for a variety of sound modes to choose from, be sure to check the number of modes offered.

Most soundbars have a power rating of around 100 watts, which is plenty for most rooms. And if you’re looking for a variety of sound modes to choose from, look for a model that offers at least four or five different modes.

Reasons to Buy a Soundbar 

✔️Improve TV Audio Quality

If you’re not happy with the audio quality of your TV, a soundbar can be a great way to improve it. You’ll get louder and more balanced sound by adding a speaker.

✔️Create a Home Theater Experience 

There is no satisfying feeling as watching a movie or sporting event in your home theater. And if you want to create this experience, you’ll need a soundbar with surround sound speakers. It can be a great way to bring the theater experience to your home.

✔️Enhance Music Listening Experience 

Music is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. But if you’re not happy with the sound quality of your music, it can take away from experience. A soundbar can be a great way to improve the audio quality of your music and make it more enjoyable to listen to.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does a soundbar with strong output power tp produce superior sound?

Do not be misled by the notion of high output power. The louder volume does not imply superior sound. An open floor layout with a soundbar exceeding 150W is ideal.

Can I use a soundbar to watch TV in another room?

Some soundbars come with a wireless transmitter that allows you to send the audio signal to a pair of headphones, so you can listen to your TV in another room.

Where should a soundbar be placed?

If you have an open floor plan, the best place for your soundbar is in the center of the room. This will ensure that the audio is evenly distributed throughout the space. If you have a smaller room, you may want to place it against one wall.

Is a subwoofer necessary? Is it better with or without one? 

A subwoofer is unnecessary, but it can add extra bass to your soundbar. We recommend getting a soundbar for open floor plan with a built-in subwoofer if you’re looking for the best possible sound quality.

What is the best channel configuration for an open floor soundbar?

The channel configuration varies from 2.0 to 5.1. The larger channel configuration results in greater sound quality. So it isis recommended that you go for a soundbar with at least a three-channel configuration. However, the same effects may be achieved with 2.0 and 2.1 CH soundbars. In reality, they are more popular as they are budget-friendly.

Final Thoughts

There are several reasons to buy a soundbar, and if you have an open floor plan, it’s one of the best ways to improve your audio experience. With the various models and features on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

But with our top picks and buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to find the best soundbar for open floor plan for your needs. So, enjoy your favorite movies and music with better sound quality than ever before!

Do you have a favorite soundbar for open floor plan that is not included in our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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